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Engineered Group was established in 2002, by two veterans, Mike Deforest and Mark Ecker. Fast forward to 2002, Engineered Group established the company as a solar pool heating company. They quickly became one of the top solar companies in the southeast. In 2004 Florida was hit by multiple hurricanes causing billions of dollars in damage and leaving most homes in need of new roofs. With no roofs to install solar panels on, Mike and Mark re-invented their business by adding 3M security film. 3M film was approved for hurricane protection at the time. This was just the product they needed to keep their business afloat. With 26 employees and an infrastructure to support their marketing and sales, Engineered Group rose to the top quickly.


The accolades from 3M were many, from Southeast dealer of the year their first year, to 2007 National Dealer of the year amongst 2200 dealers. Along the way they received multiple letters of recognition from 3M due to obtaining a 100% customer satisfaction rating while continuing growing their business. In 2013 the addition of architectural overlays was added to complement the company’s designer and custom window films. The architectural overlays were well received by the commercial industry. Most companies had never seen a product like this before. With 1500 patterns such as teak woods, tiger woods, granite, marble and stone. Building owners quickly realized the monetary savings and minimal down time for renovations projects, was a huge benefit. Companies such as Orlando Health, Disney, Siemens, and Advent Health to name a few, began wrapping hundreds of doors, walls, elevators and alike. With our professionally trained and certified installers, we produce high quality installations that are indistinguishable from the real thing. The architectural overlay division has continued to grow year after year.

In the first quarter of 2020 the pandemic, Covid19 hit the US. With businesses having to slow down or close due to the spread of Covid19, Engineered Group decided to be part of the solution. After vetting multiple antimicrobial products and companies, we selected what we determined was the best solution for businesses to use to protect their employees and customers from spreading the virus. Upon inking a deal with the South Korea Manufacturer, Engineered Group became an exclusive distributor for Surfaceguard29 an antimicrobial copper film that can kill bacteria and viruses on contact. This is the only copper film of its kind that is lab tested and certified to substantiate its claim. Not only has it been used in multiple Asian and European countries, South Korea uses it almost everywhere, emphasizing high touch areas such as train stations, subways, schools, hotels, hospitals, elevators and alike. While using this film along with other cleaning methods, South Korea has kept their country open for business with one of the lowest reports of Covid19. With a country of 52 million people South Korea reported only 22,285 total cases, with 21,922 recovering and a very low 363 deaths. The Korean government strongly promoted and continues to promote the use of this antimicrobial copper film throughout the country, along with the use of other proper cleaning methods.

Engineered Group’s goal is to distribute Surfaceguard29 to multiple dealers and end users nationwide, so we can help mitigate the spread of Cov19 along with multiple viruses and flu’s in the future.

We Proudly Serve Orlando, Ocala, Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral, Titusville, Kissimmee, Haines City, and Palm Bay, Florida!