Reatec Architectural Film

Reatec is an architectural film – which utilizes state of the art, multi layer printing, and minute embossing, to create an appearance that is indistinguishable from real wood or stone. This uniquely produced film is then combined with a pressure sensitive, adhesive backing; allowing for it for installed with ZERO downtime.

Engineered Group  is proud to be the sole distributor of Reatec in the United States and Canada.

Don’t Replace… Refresh!

Reduce waste by resurfacing with no downtime and no loss of revenue.

  • Flexible, decorative architectural film that can be used in a variety of applications

  • With over 800 patterns to choose from, Reatec has the right architectural film for every surface.

  • No demo, no waste, no noise, no dust, no downtime.

  • Value Engineering without sacrificing aesthetic excellence.

  • Ideal for doors, columns, ceiling, cabinet, wall, elevator, millwork, casework, and more.

  • Printable and customizable for branding and personalizing.

  • Bring new life to outdated surfaces.

REATEC… View your surfaces in a new light.

Reatec designer architectural film is available in hundreds of different texture and color options.

This environmentally conscious alternative to wood, stone and leather does not contain any of the materials it emulates, so we are not taking away from the environment. This process also reduces landfill waste by minimizing discarded millwork components.

Architectural film from Reatec is classified as “Cladding Materials for Fire Doors and Frames”, UL 10B, UL 10C, CAN/ULC-S104. And since it can be installed and repaired on-site, there is little to no downtime for both interior and exterior applications.

See The Transformation

Why REATEC Architectural Film?

  • Stain and solvent/chemical resistant
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Mold
  • Washable & Abrasion resistant
  • Cold crack resistant, Heat aging resistant & High humidity resistant
  • Useable in 2-dimensional applications
  • Flexible for 3-dimensional applications and can be wrapped
  • Architectural film is less expensive than real wood or stone and is easier (and therefore more affordable) to install
  • It can be installed with ZERO downtime (No need to close stores / restaurants / offices / hospitals while renovating)
  • It is washable and repairable when damaged, saving greatly on replacement costs
  • Reatec products have a 5 Year Warranty and are ASTM E-84 Class A fire rated

Reatec Architectural Film Options

Premium Wood

Premium Wood uses a very sophisticated wood grain print method, printed on 2 layers out of 4 layers. Some designs are printed on both sides of the layers, all separate engravings. This method gives the Premium Wood option a more natural, realistic look.

More About Premium Wood (PDF)

Super Gloss Coat

This option is great for surfaces that are frequently touched, such as kitchen cabinet doors, interior doors, restrooms, etc. The top layer of elastic special coating film protects the surface from minor scratches by restoring itself.

More About Super Gloss Coat


This film comes equipped with extra stain resistance and sterilization. The top
layer is laminated ETFE (Ethylenetetrafluoroethlene Copolymer) resin film – allowing for oil stains, graffiti, hair dye and more to be easily wiped off with just a damp cloth.

It also helps protect against invisible bacteria, such as O-157.

More About Miraclean

Super Reatec

This film option is great for spaces with direct sunlight as it contains an ultraviolet absorption substance that offers superior protection against deterioration via sunlight. It also offers about five years of weather resistant capabilities for exterior application and has excellent stain resistance.

More About Super Reatec