If you’re looking to upgrade the style of your commercial building by replacing your doors or if your doors are scratched, damaged, or outdated you might be thinking you’re in for a huge expense – especially if you have several or even hundreds of doors to replace. With commercial door film from Engineered Group, the opposite is true.

What Is Architectural Door Film?

Architectural door film is a durable micro-overlay available in hundreds of patterns that offers an alternative to replacing your door. Precision manufactured from a special blend of synthetic engineered plastics and produced through a unique calendering process, it is printed on high-definition, state-of-the-art presses and is backed with super-strong adhesive.

Disney Polynesian Door Before & After

Reasons to Use Door Film Instead of Replacing The Entire Door

1. Cost

With architectural doors, you get the real look and feel of the material of your choice without the hefty cost associated with purchasing brand new Class A Fire Rated doors. On average, we save our clients between 40-80% on their interior resurfacing projects.

Door With Reatec RW-4098
Fire Rated Commercial Door

2. Quality Design Options

Architectural door film is available in over 1500 designs that vary from authentic-looking wood, marble, stone, leather, fabric, metallic, and glitter finishes with a realistic look and feel. You can transform your metal doors to match any wood grain and the three-dimensional textures in each finish reflect light and feel like the real material. You can create countless combinations of realistic textures, patterns, and colors to give your interior a new lease on life.

3. Quick Installation

Don’t worry about operational downtime that could occur when typically replacing doors. Architectural door film allows you to renovate doors in less than 15 minutes while the door is hinged and in place. Fusions adhere to your existing door and don’t produce any mess or odor allowing you to keep your business running without or worry that loud drills and hammers will scare away your clients.

Commercial Door With Reatec TC-4248
The Disney Contemporary Resort Doors After Renovation

4. Availability

Unlike many other companies and products experiencing supply chain troubles and product shortages, architectural film from Engineered Group has a product turnaround of 8 to 10 days instead of the 8 to 10 months you can expect from a complete door replacement.

5. Durability

The technology in the film was originally designed for exterior surfaces and can hold up to consistent heavy use. Architectural door film is made from extremely durable micro-overlays that are Class A Fire Rated. In the rare event that the material does chip or scratch, we can easily repair the material to where you can’t even tell where the patch is.

Fire Rated Commercial Door
Four Seasons Door With Reatec TC-5068

6. Safe Materials

Architectural doors are made without any dangerous VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are available with built-in antimicrobial protection, offering an ideal solution for hospitals, physicians’ offices, commercial kitchens, and locker rooms.

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In Summary

Updating your commercial doors doesn’t need to be expensive, time consuming, or complicated. Before you overspend by replacing or renovating your building’s doors, give us a call. We are happy to discuss your options and give you a free, detailed quote!

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The Disney Contemporary Resort Doors After Renovation
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