Modern Business Interiors at a Fraction of the Cost of a Renovation

Protect your surfaces against viruses. Learn more about our new product, SurfaceGuard29

Who We Are

We make it easy for you to upgrade and safeguard your interiors at a fraction of the cost of a renovation. From architecture overlays, to window film, to our newly released product, SurfaceGuard29, we provide quick, easy, and cost-effective solution for businesses that want to give their interiors a protective facelift at a great value.

Architecture Overlays

Architectural Overlays  are durable micro-overlays available in literally hundreds of patterns that will transform your surfaces.

Antimicrobial Film

Surface Guard 29 is a nontoxic, antimicrobial copper Film designed to protect all high traffic surfaces.

Window Film

Protect and secure your buildings, assets and people against intentional events such as forced entry, civil unrest and even bomb blasts.

Why Engineered Group?

Engineered Group is one of North America’s most respected organizations for Architectural Overlays & Window film installation on large commercial, government and institutional projects.

We are able to provide our clients with an energy saving analysis, Efilm, for their specific building. Our Efilm is endorsed by the Department Of Energy and is a windows based software tool for analyzing energy use for fenestration systems with and without film.

Efilm provides a cost-effective analysis for different fenestration options in typical commercial and residential buildings, which is illustrated in this video.

Benefits of Our Window Film
  • Non-metalized nanotechnology brings previously unachievable heat rejection, optical clarity and beautiful windows.
  • Real impact on your heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Ground breaking safety, security and protection technology for your business and your people.
  • An innovative and easy way to influence your environmental impact.
  • Meets energy conservation requirements through retention of excessive solar heat gain, while increasing comfort, reducing fade, glare and reflections.
  • Safeguards your windows and people against accidental damage or natural events which may pose a threat from broken or flying glass.
  • Protect and secure your buildings, assets and people against intentional events such as forced entry, theft, civil unrest and even bomb blasts.

Featured Clients

If you want the peace of mind that comes with a product backed by the Fortune 500 company that invented window film. We proudly work with hospitality, restaurant, healthcare, retail, schools, and A-Class commercial facilities.


Our Values

Our Promise

As founders of Engineered Group, we promise to stay true to our core beliefs in striving to deliver exceptional service, meeting & exceeding your expectations, and ensure all our clients are educated throughout the process.