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Mel's Drive-In

Restaurant Renovation with Reatec

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Resurfacing With Reatec Architectural Overlays

Mel's Drive-In in Orlando, FL

Engineered Group was tasked with installing architectural overlays on the walls and counters of Mel’s Drive-In in Orlando, Florida. Located in Universal Studios Florida, Mel’s Drive-In is a nostalgic quick service restaurant inspired by the film American Graffiti. This 1950s style diner features fully restored vintage cars outside and a menu of drive-in classics like burgers, fries, root beer floats, milkshakes and more.

The Goal & Challenges We Faced

As is the case in many projects we tackle, our team was brought in to provide a value-engineered alternative for construction projects looking to stay within their target budget and timeline. Mel’s Drive-In was looking for a overlay that helped enhance the retro aesthetic of their restaurant with colors and finishes that replicated the “vibe” of the 1950’s. 

Our Involvement

As a dealer and installer of architectural finishes and overlays, we knew that there would be a overlay in Reatec’s vast catalog that matched the aesthetic that Mel’s Drive-In was going for. We found the right pattern and colors and got to installing the architectural finishes on the walls and counters of the restaurant.

Using Reatec Architectural Finishes

After discussing with the client the vision for their project, we landed on using Reatec architectural finishes to help create the space that they wanted. Reatec is an excellent option for clients looking to renovate their space or in new construction builds as it is lightweight, highly durable, affordable, and can be applied to both interior and exterior applications.

There are over 1000s of patterns and finishes to choose from in, including metal, wood, stone, and leather. For this project, we the client was looking to match the retro feel of the 1950’s, leading us to use Reatec TX4803, TR4453, and TR4454 to upgrade their space. Click the buttons below to samples of the overlays!

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We couldn’t be happier with how we were able to enhance the interior of Mel’s Drive-In. This is a prime example of the capabilities and possibilities Engineered Group opens up for our customers looking to refresh their space, or even build new, at a fraction of the cost. Contact our team to learn how we can do the same for your space.