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Disney Cruise Line HQ Remodel

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About the Location

Celebration is a community initiative designed and founded in 1996 by the Walt Disney® Companies. Located in Osceola County and part of the Orlando metropolitan area, 210 Celebration Place is a 68,566 square foot Class A four-story office building, fully leased to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, U.S., Inc., a subsidiary of Walt Disney World, Co.; part of a larger complex of office buildings built to suit Walt Disney World Co.Established more than 30 years ago, Aquent is a worldwide staffing solutions enterprise that supports establishments locating, cultivating, and maintaining employees. Aquent developed the specialty of meeting staffing needs for industries seeking creative and marketing employees, which continues to be the world’s largest. By defying traditional knowledge, they constantly transform companies within and beyond the creative space through modernization, aptitude, and services.

Disney Cruise Line HQ Remodel

Designs Chosen

Mach Mahogany
Belbien leather
Marron Calf
Belbien K-216

What We Needed to Fix

Being built-in 1995, 210 Celebration Place was beginning to look worn and outdated, being well overdue for a refresh! Having already worked with them on countless projects in the past, the Disney company knew exactly who to call for this project!

Our Solution

Using Architectural Finishes from Belbien, Leather K-216, and SW-107, the specialists at Engineered Group got to work! They gave the Disney Cruise Line Headquarters a stunning new look at a fraction of the time and cost of renovation.

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Our Work