Residential Window Films

3M™ Window Film for Your Homes

You might be surprised how much window film and tinting make a difference in your home. While your windows may provide light and stunning views, they also allow hotspots, glare and fading to your furnishings that occur from sunlight. Your windows also leave you vulnerable to hurricanes as well as break-ins. 

Engineered Group can help you protect your home without sacrificing the benefits of natural light. As an authorized dealer of 3M™ window film, we offer world-class window film and tinting solutions. 3M™ Prestige window films are virtually clear, providing first-rate protection without changing the look of your home.

Benefits of 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film

3M™ Sun Control Films
3M™ Safety & Security Film
Decorative Window FIlm
Thinsulate: Window Film Insulation


Engineered Group is one of North America’s most respected organizations for window film installation on large commercial, government and institutional projects. We also install 3M Fasara decorative films. The Engineered Group team has completed hundreds of thousands of square feet of challenging projects. You can view a larger version of each image by moving your mouse over the image and clicking.